Kim Soo Hyun’s kissing habits; where he  grabs her (co-star’s) neck to embrace her in his passionate kiss. Jun Ji Hyun revealed in each moment of lip-contacting passion, Kim Soo Hyun would reach behind to hold the back of his counterpart’s neck in each scene.



did you know that your dalmatian blog from long long ago was one of the first kpop blogs i followed i bet you DIDN’T ????? unless i told you before idk i might have

anyway it’s been like 3/4 years since then (we’re getting old man) and ughhhh still i look forward to talking to you and reading your posts and not talking about certain anythings before 2013

you’re an inspiration i’m sure not just to me but to a lot of peopla and i know we aren’t really close but WE WILL because i love you and i have a “konnie’s” tag that’s existed since 2012 and that’s important

but if for whatever reason we don’t get closer, i just really need you to know that you are fantastic and beautiful and i consider you a very dear friend and person

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