B.A.P in Chicago | Second Half of Jongup’s Solo Dance in Chicago. Edit if you like, but it is pretty low quality, sorry. Also, BEWARE OF THE VOLUME.




do you ever cry because you’re not british

tears of joy


dammit America 

B.A.P Live on Earth Chicago | Please do not repost. If editing, take out with full credits.

Preview of things to come | B.A.P Chicago

I’ll post pictures/videos of the concert tomorrow, but here are some things you need to know:

  • Zelo loves to ham it up.
  • Daehyun’s vocals are even more impressive live, plus he’s the biggest sweetheart.
  • Youngjae’s English is essentially perfect and he’s a sass monster.
  • Himchan celebrated his birthday well and he is also a ham for his fans.
  • Yongguk’s as flawless as you think; he teared up talking about the ferry incident.
  • Jongup’s a freaking sweetie, a great dancer. Oh and he has a nice body.

So………. This happened. #BAP #liveonearthchicago

In Chicago for B.A.P tonight.

Expect pictures/stories!


2x04 | 4x02


I love that Chris O’Dowd can make “bastard” a three syllable word.

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